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Pressed Foundation Spf20 | Colorescience

Transform your skin with Colorescience Pressed Foundation. Formulated with natural pigments for a smooth, even look, this sheer-to-medium coverage foundation instantly minimises imperfections and lasts all day long.

This silky, weightless powder lays evenly on skin, leaving a natural, airbrushed finish rather than the cakey, heavy look of other powder foundations. Available in multiple shades, Colorescience Pressed Foundation works with your skin, not against it, to provide a beautiful, even finish to the skin that’s smooth, long lasting, and stunning.

Key benefits 

  • Sheer-to-medium buildable coverage allows you to adjust your desired level of coverage
  • Airy, weightless powder can be built up without appearing cakey or makeup-like, which can be an issue with other powders
  • Long-lasting powder minimises the need for tons of touch-ups throughout the day
  • Natural mineral sunscreens provide protection from sun’s rays
  • Gluten-free and paraben-free


Key ingredients

A blend of 21.2% Titanium Dioxide and 12.1% Zinc Oxide blurs and minimises the appearance of imperfections, such as hyperpigmentation, pores, and uneven texture, whilst soothing skin and protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays.
Glycerine prevents powder from dehydrating skin by infusing the formula with moisture.
Silica helps create a smooth, silky finish by giving the powder a unique slip, helping it glide evenly across the surface of the skin.

 How to use

  • Complete skin care routine and, if you normally do, apply a foundation primer.
  • Sweep Colorescience Pressed Foundation over areas of the face that need coverage, blending in circular motions to give the skin an even, natural finish.
  • Complete makeup routine and finish with a setting spray.

Who is Colorescience Pressed Foundation for?

This product is suitable for all ages, skin types, and genders. Those looking for sheer-to-medium buildable coverage in a powder that also provides sun protection will benefit most from this product.

Can people with dry skin use Colorescience Pressed Foundation?

If you have dry skin and prefer a powder to a liquid or cream makeup, this is the perfect option. Unlike thicker, heavier powders, Colorescience Pressed Foundation is light and breathable, making your skin appear even and natural rather than chalky and dry.



If you do have drier skin and are using a powder foundation, ensure you’re exfoliating properly and frequently enough to minimise dry patches that could be emphasised by powder. Use a good moisturiser, give it a few minutes to sink in, and you’ll be all set.


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